A Great Gallery In Quaint Bugarach

F_Bugarach_Kirche©Hilke Maunder.In Bugarach, the Maya calendar stated, you will be able to survive the end of the world. Even though things did not happen as predicted in 2012, the small village in the Aude mountains ist well worth a visit. Not only for a hike up the legendary Pech de Bugarach, were UFOs have been observed landing by locals and foreigners, but also for the new gallery opened in May by Diana Liljelund, a Finnish lady and trained architect.

F_Bugarach_Galerie9_Diane©Hilke Maunder. Now based in the south of France, she follows her true passion: the arts, bought a derelict post office at the village’s main street (Grand‘ Rue) and turned it into a fascinating gallery, showcasing not only her paintings, but also works of other local or regional artist, some of them with international renown or great potential to succeed on the world’s leading arts markets.

F_Bugarach_Galerie_Diane_Claudia©Hilke Maunder.Like Marcus van der Grinten, a Dutch painter now working in her neighbourhood, on show until 27 September along with Franck Menon, a true master in turning local wood into arty bowls and plates, Jean-Claude Courtot with his wood objects, and Lena Nyqvist Nykänen with her clear-cut clothes from fascinating fabrics.

Info: Galerie Grand rue 9, 11190 Bugarach, mobile phone: 06 38 55 66 00, http://www.galeriebugarach.com. Friday to Sunday 14:30 – 18:30


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  1. Liebe Hilke, vielen Dank für den interessanten Tipp. Bugarach ist wirklich ein besonderer, fast mystisch wirkender Ort, mit dem Pech de Bugarach. Ich hatte das Vergnügen den Berg bis zum Plateau erwandern zu dürfen und wurde bei
    sommerlichen Wetter mit einer traumhaften Aussicht auf die Pyrenäen belohnt. Claudine

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