A Mystic Hike up to the Peak of the Pech de Bugarach

F_Bugarach_Pech de Bugarach_1_©Hilke MaunderVery close to my holiday home, just a quick drive through the Gorges de Galamus away, the highest peak of the Corbières offers unforgettable hiking experiences even to those who have only little experience with hiking the mountain: the Pech (or Pic) de Bugarach. The most difficult ascent start at the D 45 from D45 von Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes to Bugarach, easier walks to the 1,230 m high peak start off the D14 linking Bugarach to the Gorges de Galamus. The best time to start your walk are mornings.

F_Bugarach_Pech de Bugarach_2_©Hilke Maunder When walking at a relaxed pace, consider three hours for walking up, and two for returning. As you are crossing pastures, please be cautious when opening and closing the electric fences – in southern France, you will always find rubber handles to easily open the gates.

F_Bugarach_Pech de Bugarach_Wanderung_7_©Hilke MaunderThe path is well marked; steady boots are better to walk on the gravel path than sneakers or sport shoes. Take plenty of water along… and don’t forget a little „goûter„, a little picknick, and celebrate your peak climb with typical specialities from the region! Soak up the sun, enjoy the view of the snow-capped Pyrenees peaks, and take a deep breath – the fresh and clean mountain air is flavoured iwth  thyme, rosemary, and other herbs.


3 Gedanken zu “A Mystic Hike up to the Peak of the Pech de Bugarach

  1. Thank you for posting your account, which I am reading teh day after I climbed Bugarach.
    It took me 3 hours up, which was disappointing since the sign at the bottom, and on other people’s sites says 1 hour 40 mins!
    So I am VERY pleased to read that you also say 3 hours up….. it took me 2.5 hours down…. the steep gravel and steep earth with leaves parts, had me going very slowly.
    BUT…. so well worth it.

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