F_PyreneesOrientales_Argeles_Petanque_Boule_©Hilke MaunderLocated between the high Pyrenees peak, the rolling hills and vineyards of the Fenouillèdes and the Corbières, and the Mediterranean coast with its long sandy beaches, shallow étangs and rocky bays, the many faces of the landscape will keep you wondering at nature’s beauty, while exploring its attractions on foot, by bike, car, bus or train, on horseback, in ULMs, in quads – options are endless. Civilized by Romans, and many centuries under Spanish rule, Roussillon’s soil is rich in history, with heritage preserved by impressive fortresses, castle ruins, and many other impressive monuments. So, venture out and explore! As a little temptation, I listed some of my favourite spots in the close vicinity and further afield. And if you should come across a hidden gem, I am more than curious to hear about it and add it to our list. Thank you!

For more ideas, browse my sub-menus or download the carte_touristique published  by the Tourism Board of Pyrenées-Orientale by clicking the link. You will also find inspiration for excursions and tours on the map of my Pinterest pin board at

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