Seaside & River Pleasures

Even though my gîte is located in a Pyrenees mountain valley, seaside pleasures are not far off, with the Mediterranean Sea located only 40 km to the east. When approaching the coast on D117, you’ll have to make an important decision: for long, wide sandy beaches, bordered by modern resorts, marinas, and all sort of entertainment facilities, turn left. For the Côte Vermeille with its rocky cliffs, sandy bays, picturesque fishing towns like Collioure or famous Banyuls wines, turn right.

Of course, there are also other wet options just right at our doorstep. To swim in mountain rivers and sunbathe on giant rocks is a popular pastime. In addition, the Agly River has been turned into a huge swimming pool at the Plan d’Eau d’Agly. And of, course, we also have Thalasso and themal spas just a shore drive away.

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