Best Short Walks: Sentier de Roubials

f_fenouilledes_maury_sentier-botanique-roubials_2hilke-maunderIn Maury, the Sentier d’interprétation botanique de Roubials provides a wonderful way to discover the surrounding garrigue, learn about the origins of the Fenouillèdes, and to enjoy great view across the Agly valley and to the eroded Karst mountains of the Corbières and the Cathare castle of Quéribus topping one of the cliffs.

Family-Friendly „Sentier“

The circuit takes roughly two hours. You can park your car at the Maison du Terroir and add a litte tour of the winegrower’s village famous also for its murals (37 kms) or start at the aire du picnique (rest area) along the D19 on the right hand side after a small bridge.

Even though it starts with a steep climb, the rest of the walk has long stretches of even walking. However, you will need shoes with a solid sole as some parts are covered with gravel, particularly when climbing up and descending. In the pine wood, you will walk on a dirt road and soft forest soil.

Don’t forget to bring a small bag to collect the cones of the Mediterranean pines along – some are pretty huge. And lovely to decorate your home with in the winter season!

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