Travelling on the „train rouge“

Pyrenees_St-Paul-de-Fenouilet_Train Rouge_Tal_© Hilke MaunderSome of you may have heard of the „train jaune„, which is travelling the Pyrenees to reach France’s highest railway station. Well, that’s one valley down. Here, you will find its red fellow – the „train rouge„. With closed and even open carriages, its travels across vineyards up the Agly valley, passes high bridges and dark tunnels.

Connecting Rivesaltes, a winemakers‘ town close to the coast, and Axat, where the wild and young Aude river offers a gorgeous backdrop for a picknick on its banks, the train is being operated only on the summer season. For timetables and further details, check out its website at And enjoy my impressions of a great day out.! For a unique souvenir, direct your steps to the small boutique at the Axat station where the train rouge wine is sold along with other souvenirs.

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