Printemps des Échoppes 2015

F_Saint Paul_Printemps des Échoppes_5_©Hilke MaunderOn Ascension Day 2015, Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet celebrated its 23rd festival Printemps des Échoppes. Even though the weather changed from sunny to windy and wet, everybody enjoyed the festivities, with the town’s 22 associations contributing to the day’s varied programme.

F_Saint Paul_Printemps des Échoppes_6_©Hilke MaunderFor all interested in local culture and cuisine, the annual ´Printemps des Échoppes“ is a great way to discover the region, with local artisans and producers inviting to discover and taste their produce, and bands playing popular tunes.

The dance group, however, recalled the wild West of the U.S. with line dancing in style. Also on the agenda were guided tours of the town’s landmark – the Chapître, including a visit of its museum and a tour of its tower.

F_Saint-Paul_Échoppes du Printemps_Line Dance

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