St Paul’s Chapître: A Hidden Gem

It’s the landmark of my little town and has been dominating its skyline for centuries: the Chapître-Collégiale: The tower of the chapter house has always been the landmark of St-Paul-de-Fenouillet, and is one the Fenouillèdes most remarkable buildings. Today hidden behind more modern building, you will  need to visit Le Chapître to truly appreciate it – the entrance is a tiny door right next to the tourist information. Its roots date back to 906, when the convent of Joucou belonged to the Benedictine monks. Following many noble endowments, the 16th century saw the installation of an organ, the addition of plaster decorations, the construction of the dome and other major works being carried out.

After the revolution changed into flats, stable and hay loft, the municipality realised its history value as late as 1983 century, bought the property, and opened it up to the public along with a museum also well worth a visit.

At the annual Printemps des Échoppes, you will be able to discover the gem on a free guided tour and even climb up the narrow staircase to the top, opening far-reaching views on the Agly valley, the vineyards and the beautiful Karst chaînes adorning the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.


26, boulevard de l’Agly

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