Our lovely rock garden

The previous owners of our home had a very elaborate watering system installed in their garden, and watering the plants was a daily passion. And chore. And when travelling, there were always doubts if the timer would work properly. But one day, I pulled out the watering system, and my neighbour curiously peeked over the fence when feeding his chicks. „What are you doing? It’s been so expensive!“. Well, may be. But plants needing a lot of water are not endemic to this region, nor my valley. So..I drove to La Villa Verde, a garden centre at the outskirts of Perpignan, and discussed options for setting up a new garden…

Perfect for cooking: your kitchen

Do you love cooking? Even though my kitchen is small, you will be able to work wonders. With hopefully all kitchen utensils supplied you may need. From pots and pans to casseroles, salad bowls, wine openers, or baking tools. And fine bone china for a nice cup of tea or coffee. So, to give you an idea what to expect, I opened my drawers and cabinets to allow curious glimpses. And welcome your comments on what might be missing!