Best Short Walks: Sentier des Hauts de Taïchac

f_saint-martin-de-fenouillet_wandern_landschaft_hilke-maunderSaint-Martin-de-Fenouillet is one of those agricultural villages that is typical of my region: lost in the middle of vineyards, surrounding by a beautiful, and yet very diverse landscape: chalky cliffs, bold granite, wide heathland, sudden gorges, undulating hills and magnificent views of the holy Catalan peak, the Pic du Canigou. The kaleidoscope of landscapes is rooted in the area’s geology: here, the African shelf hits the European shelf.

f_saint-martin-de-fenouillet_wandern_karte_hilke-maunderSentier des Hauts de Taïchac: follow the yellow signs

In front of the Auberge Taïchac, the village’s sole and only place to eat and sleep (sorry, only during the season, i.e. Easter to October, local fare and 33 beds), you will find direction and a maps for the well-marked long circuit. A topoguide from the French Federation of Hikers features the Sentier des Hauts de Taïchac as the only walk in the former Spanish comarca of Fenouillèdes.

The length indicated for the walk varies, depending on sources, from 6.5 to 8 kilometres. Walking time is around two hours, if you’re accustomed to walking in mountains. To start, look at the map in front of the restaurant. Walking to your right will take you to the first yellow marker. When you see a yellow x  you’ve got it wrong – the walk is indicated with a straight yellow hyphen. Further details and walking direction are listed in this pdf.

Auberge Taïchac,  T. 04 68 59 09 54,




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